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Votre Courriel - Personalized and Secure Email Service

Votre Courriel is an email service offered by the Quebec company Avancie. The email service used is Microsoft Exchange and is therefore seamlessly integrated with the Outlook software of the Office suite. However, rather than having your data hosted on external servers, they are on Avancie-owned servers located in two distinct, highly secure data centers in Canada. This helps to ensure the respect of professional secrecy and other ethical obligations incumbent on you; in fact, data hosted abroad on the servers of foreign companies become more easily accessible to foreign authorities.

Security is central to the management of your clients' data and this is the main reason why the Chambre des notaires, the Barreau du Québec and the Ordre des comptables agrees du Québec have launched a call for proposals and selected the solution Votre Courriel. In return, your professional order requires that Votre Courriel addresses best security practices.

  • Your data is hosted at any time in Canada in two separate data centers. The first hosts the data in production, the second, the backup of these data. Thus, backup copies are made every 15 minutes to guarantee you access in case of temporary failure.
  • Your data continues to belong to you and Avancie can in no case use them for anything.
  • Ability to recover your data in their entirety, in a user-friendly format, without any copy remaining on the servers of the provider.
  • Hosting of your data is monitored and security updates are automatically installed on the entire technology infrastructure.
  • We use "sandboxing" techniques for suspicious pieces, that is, if an attachment to an email appears problematic, it is analyzed in an isolated environment to determine if it contains a virus.
  • Disk encryption and communications encryption are performed according to best practices (AES-256 - 4096 bit standard and TLS protocol).

Avancie is also committed to submitting Votre Courriel to an annual security audit by an independent third party.

That said, the fact remains that when you send an email, the content will travel "in clear" over the Internet, unless you use additional encryption methods, regardless of the email system that you use.

The available encryption method is the following:

  • Encryption via S / MIME with the addition of a security certificate. For more information, visit Microsoft's website.

If this method of encryption seems to you too tedious, the following good practices should be favored:

  • Do not transmit confidential information in the text of the email, but in the attachments that you will have previously protected by a password. This password must be communicated to your recipient by means other than email (SMS, phone).
  • Opt for a secure sharing platform (such as Docurium) when you need to send documents containing confidential information.

Notaries can learn more about the use of e-mail and the S / MIME encryption method by consulting the e-mail information sheet and the Office 365 Cloud Solution Guide available on the Notary Public Infoway under section Member Services > Services Offered > Digital Framing.

CPAs can refer to the CPA Guide to Good Practice in IT Use.

As for lawyers, they can consult the Bar's website.

Since April 1, 2018, the notary is required to hold an email correspondence address and a professional email address.

See the notice to members.

A domain name is the equivalent of a mailing address on the Internet. This is the way your contacts and customers will find and access your website or communicate with you via email. The domain name is therefore part of your email address. This is the component of your address that identifies, depending on the case, your supplier, your employer or your professional membership.

Lawyer : avocat.ca

CPA : cpa-qc.ca

Notary : notarius.net

These domain names remain the property of associations, which grant their respective members permission to create e-mail addresses associated with this domain name and to use them as part of the practice of their profession.

Associations reserve the right to withdraw this permission at any time to the extent that a domain name address is misused, contrary to applicable terms of use or for any other reason related to the protection of the domain. public.

Members must use and allow their collaborators to use this domain name in an email address in accordance with the criteria mentioned below in a professional context, therefore mainly in connection with their professional activities.

The Association can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use by a member or a collaborator of their e-mail addresses associated with the domain name he / she has chosen. The member and his associates remain fully responsible for the communications that he and his associates make with this domain name and for any damage that may result.

Associations do not undertake to maintain the availability of the offer Votre Courriel.

A « User »,that is, a member who avails himself of the Votre Courriel service, who has entered into the software agreement with Avancie and to which Avancie has assigned one or more user accounts paired with identifiers. “User” also means the employee, collaborator, representative and agent of the member to whom a user account with identifiers is assigned.

A « Member »is a person who holds a license to practice issued by the Barreau du Québec, the Chambre des notaires du Québec or l’Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec, whether or not registered on the roll of the Order, being however, it is understood that the person must be registered on the roll of the Association at the time of subscribing to the Votre Courriel service for the first time.

Avancie will therefore check with the order concerned that the administrator of the account identified in the subscription form meets the definition of « Member » :

If this proves to be the case, the administrator may designate members of his team who will also be assigned an email address containing the domain name:

The associations allow their members and their associates to use it free of charge. Members only have to pay the subscription fee for the Votre Courriel service.

No. If a member already has their own domain name, they can use it as part of the Votre Courriel service for themselves and their collaborators.

Members who do not have a domain name can create one instead of taking the one offered by the order by paying the registration fee with a domain name registrar. Members can do this themselves or retain the services of Avancie at the time of subscription to Votre Courriel.

No. It can only be used with the Votre Courriel service offered as part of the cloud offer. A change of provider implies that the email address that includes such a domain name can no longer be used.

However, a member who has acquired his own domain name may continue to use it from another provider.

Each order has defined the rules for identifying its members in their email address:

a) Rules for the lawyers (coming soon)

b) CPA rules:

The email address must be in your name (the one on the board if you are a member) and include at least the first letter of your first and last name. It can start with the first name or last name. These rules apply to the cpa-qc.ca domain name as well as to a new domain name that you have created as part of activating your subscription to Votre Courriel.

Examples of possible combinations:

prenomnom@cpa-qc.ca | pnom@cpa-qc.ca | prenom.nom@cpa-qc.ca | nom-prenom@cpa-qc.ca

When the first and / or last name is dialed, one of the two names may be abbreviated using the first letter only.

Examples of possible combinations:

Jean-Pierre Gagnon-Diop :

jpierregdiop@cpa-qc.ca | jeanpgagnond@cpa-qc.ca | jeanpierregagnond@cpa-qc.ca | jeanpierregagnondiop@cpa-qc.ca


c) Notary rules

The notary must hold a correspondence email and a professional email (see the notice to members on this subject).

Recall :

  • The member must use the name under which he is entered on the roll, subject to the following;
  • The email address must be in his name;
  • The email address must include at least the first letter of his first name and his surname in full;
  • The notary may use the word “Maître” or the abbreviations “Me” or “Mtre”;
  • The professional email address of the notary must include an item of a professional nature, so that it is associated by the public with a professional and non-personal email. The Chamber considers that addresses ending “@ notarius.net” meet this criterion of professional entity;
  • The professional email address of the notary may include the reserved title of notary;
  • The name-surname order can be reversed:

Ex .: Hannah Tremblay is on the Tableau de l’Ordre

Possible combinations:

Htremblay@notarius.net  |  hannahtremblay@notarius.net  |  hannah.tremblay@notarius.net  |  tremblay-hannah@notarius.net

  • When the first and / or last name is used, the first letter of a surname or first name can be used with the other surname / first name.

Ex. : Jean-Pierre Gagnon-Diop

Possible combinations:

jpierregdiop@notarius.net  |  jeanpgagnond@notarius.net  |  jeanpierregagnond@notarius.net

In case of homonyms and possibility of duplicates, the 3 orders allow that are used:

  • Dots « . », the hyphens « – », the underscore bars « _ »;
  • A distinctive element of good taste in the portion of the email preceding the « @ » (for example: ptremblayalma@cpa-qc.ca);
  • A number that follows the name but only as a last resort. Other combinations, such as name-surname inversions, must first be exhausted;
  • If we can not avoid the use of a number, a sequence of increasing numbers by ten to reduce the number of errors of bad email recipient, instead of a sequence of increasing numbers per unit (1, 2, 3, ...).

Ex.: Ptremblay10@cpa-qc.ca or Ptremblay20@cpa-qc.ca

In the same way, a member who creates a new domain name for the purposes of the Votre Courriel service should follow the rules set out above.

A collaborater who uses an email address that includes such a domain name with the permission of a member must identify himself / herself as a non-member by referring to the member at the office with which he / she collaborates in a signature block included in all outgoing emails.

No. Such an address can only be assigned if the member chooses his own domain name or if the part preceding the domain name contains a distinctive element identifying the member or his organization.





No. Once assigned to a person, an email can no longer be associated with someone else to minimize the risk of sending confidential information to the wrong recipient.

Ex. Pierre Tremblay (T1234 member number) uses ptremblay@cpa-qc.ca. If he cancels his Votre Courriel contract, Pierre Tremblay (T4321 member number) can not require to have the email ptremblay@cpa-qc.ca. He must keep ptremblay10@cpa-qc.ca.

If Pierre Tremblay (T1234 member number) re-subscribes to Votre Courriel, he can resume his ptremblay@cpa-qc.ca.

Docurium - Secure file storage and sharing

DOCURIUM is a secure file storage and sharing service. It is also a Quebec solution for hosting and sharing secure documents in the cloud that has been developed specifically for the needs of professionals in Canada.

As part of your work, documents are meant to be exchanged, commented on and kept, whether you work alone or in a team. DOCURIUM is the tool that allows you to do it efficiently and in a highly secure manner, while respecting the requirements of your profession.

Intuitive. Simple. Quick. Efficient ... and so pleasant to use! DOCURIUM is full of features. Your document management will finally live up to your expectations.

Access your files wherever you are

From a computer, phone, or tablet, any changes made on one device will automatically sync to all other devices.

Share your documents quickly with colleagues and customers

Send files of any size, with complete control over access and privacy settings for your recipients, even for those who do not have a Docurium account.

Access the different versions of your files

The history of all your documents is kept. Every time you save a document, DOCURIUM adds the old version to the history.

Collaborate more easily with your work teams

Share the documentation of a file with your team members, comment, approve, and follow the changes in your file.

With DOCURIUM you can group your files in one place and organize them efficiently through libraries. These libraries can be shared to anyone, even to those who do not have a Docurium account. Each library can be synchronized to your computer or any mobile device.

Step 1. Create libraries

Organize your files from libraries. It is then possible to create folders / subfolders inside them, and to store files there.

Step 2. Import files and folders

Drop files of any type from your computer, whether they're documents, pictures or videos.

Step 3. Share and synchronize your files

Easily share your files for others to view, edit or comment on. You will find all your files up to date on your computers and different mobile devices.

DOCURIUM works with the most recent versions of the following browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Mac : Safari
  • Windows : Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge

Other browsers may be compatible, but your navigation on Docurium may not be as optimal.

To make it easier for DOCURIUM to work on your computer, it's a good idea to clear the cache and delete cookies from your browser.

With your Docurium package, each user can store up to 100 GB. Additionnal storage can be bought if needed.

The following files take up storage space:

  • All files saved in "My libraries"

The following files do not take up storage space:

  • All files in the "Shared with me" directory;
  • All files in the "Shared with Groups" directory;
  • All that is stored in the trash.

With a simple hyperlink, sharing by Download Link lets you share different types of large files with whoever you want. It's the equivalent of an attachment, but with full control over access and privacy settings for your recipients.

Send this link to the people concerned by email or via Docurium's automated email. People with the link will be able to easily view and download the content of your share.