Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use of

Avancie welcomes you to the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). Please read these Terms of Use before proceeding to browsing the Site. By using this Site, you expressly agree to the Terms of Use. The Site may be modified at any time and without notice. It is therefore recommended to return to it regularly.)

If you do not agree with the Site’s Terms of Use, please close the Site window.

Software Agreements

These Terms of Use only apply to the website and do not govern the use of the software offered by Avancie, the Agreements of Use of which may be consulted by clicking on the following link.)

Supported and Tested Browsers

This website functions with recent versions of Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Use of the Site

The Site presents and disseminates information without charge. It must be used in accordance with applicable laws as well as the terms of Use.

It is strictly forbidden to perform any of the acts listed below, directly or indirectly, and by any means whatsoever:

  • Using the Site or its content for commercial purposes without the prior consent of Avancie;
  • Using the Site for illegal purposes;
  • Causing computer disruption to the Site or decrypting any content contained on the Site; and
  • Compromising the security of the Site.

Limitation of Liability

The Site, its content and its features are provided on an “as is” basis. Avancie take's reasonable steps to keep them up to date. However, errors, omissions and inaccuracies may occur. Avancie does not assume any liability in respect to them.

It is understood, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, that Avancie offer no guarantee as to the following:

  • The accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the Site’s contents;
  • The compatibility of the Site with users’ devices or computer systems;
  • The safe and uninterrupted operation of the Site, including any delay, omission or loss of information, failure, contaminating or damaging elements for users’ computer systems; and
  • The Site’s adaptability to the needs and expectations of its users.

Users must make sure that their Web browser does not have a security deficiency by regularly updating their system. The website is optimized for Google Chrome (Version 70.0.* and subsequent versions). However, Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (for Mac computers) are supported by most systems.

Although the website can still be accessed with an older or less compatible browser, the visual presentation may be poorer and/or certain functionalities may not work.

In the event that users experience browsing problems on the website, we recommend that they perform the required updates to their web browser, or that they download Google Chrome for free.

Avancie cannot be held responsible for any damages or inconvenience caused by the use, interruption, non-accessibility or non-functioning of the Site.

Limitations in regards to Hyperlinks

The Site contains hyperlinks to websites administered by third parties. The contents of these sites, the links contained therein, the modifications made to them, as well as the products or services provided on these sites are in no way approved or controlled by Avancie. The latter cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • The accuracy of the content, products or services disseminated on third-party websites;
  • Third-party compatibility issues with your devices and computer systems; and
  • The spread of computer viruses attributable to the use of third-party websites or deficient data protection on these websites.

Avancie may at all times modify, add or delete the hyperlinks on the Site.

Intellectual Property

The names and logos of Avancie constitute their respective trademarks. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the content of the Site is also the property of Avancie, including texts, designs, images, graphics, illustrations and videos, and is protected by copyright. If you wish to use, copy, translate, publish or distribute them, you must first obtain the written consent of Avancie.

The form and content of the Site are protected by copyright and by Quebec, Canadian and foreign laws on intellectual property.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Information

Avancie has taken the appropriate steps to ensure the protection of the personal information collected, including the information used on this Site, and to use the personal information collected solely for the purposes agreed upon or in accordance with applicable law.

We would like to share Avancie’s practices with the personal information we collect or transmit to you in connection with your use of the Site and its features. They form an integral part of the applicable terms of Use.

They do not, however, apply to third-party websites, including those offered through hyperlinks posted on the Site.

Communications with Avancie, Chat and Email

Avancie offer various means of secure communication, such as customer service and online services.

In order to protect your personal informations, we invite you not to send us and personnal informations when communicating with us by email.

However, the information transmitted through the subscription form, as well as the information exchanged by the chat service are entirely secure.

Personal Information Collected

Obtaining the cloud-based service offer requires a subscription from Avanciel. The terms relating to this subscription and the information required for its creation are provided for in these services’ Agreements of Use, available at the following link.

In order to benefit from these services (Docurium and VotreCourriel), you must provide us with certain information that will serve to identify you and without which we are not able to offer you the services in question.

Use of Information

Avancie undertake to collect only the personal information necessary for the purposes for which they were collected from you, in particular for their business activities, contests, promotions or a subscription to an online newsletter, or as part of the transmission of a comment or question, for example, in order to:

  • Offer you our products and services;
  • Send you information that may be of interest to you;
  • Conduct marketing studies, analyses and activities;
  • Ensure the holding of contests or surveys; and
  • Answer any question and comment you may have, including those that can be sent to us through the chat service.

Automatic Exchange of Information

In order for all of the Site’s browsing functions to be fully functional, your computer and the website server must exchange certain technical information. This information is fragmented and does not identify you.

Cookie files (commonly called “cookies”) are used to update and optimize the Site, according to the use you make of it and your needs.

Avancie use the Google Analytics platform to analyze the use of the Site for statistical purposes and to improve the Site (e.g. your browsing on the Site, the time you visit, the pages viewed, etc.) This information is collected using a Google cookie. It remains completely anonymous and only serves to improve the Site.

Persons Authorized to Access your Personal Information

Subject to the information used by Google Analytics, your information is only available to Avancie employees or suppliers whose duties require it.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Avancie undertake not to disclose the personal information collected to third parties, unless it is authorized by law or required under legal obligation, by a court order or in accordance with the performance of a contract entrusted to a third party. In the latter case, confidentiality clauses are established in order to ensure the adequate protection of personal information.

Security of Communications and Internet Browsing

When you browse the Internet, your browser detects whether the communication is properly protected and displays a green PADLOCK symbol on the page to confirm that the communication session is secure.

We use the most secure encryption protocols on the market. All browsing data is therefore protected by effective cryptographic means, ensuring the confidentiality of your information.

Newsletters and Email Communications

Avancie comply with the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. If you receive an email from us, it is because you are subscribed to our mailing list or have been a customer of ours in the last two years. You may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.